Killer Content Development and Placement

If your business is like most others, you aren’t getting enough leads. While many businesses struggle, savvy marketers have ways to keep their sales funnels growing. The key is to engage and educate customers, so they want to start a relationship with your business. These relationships don’t happen overnight, but a steady stream of engaging content encourages customers to keep interacting with a business.

Content marketing strategies vary depending on the business. For example, a high technology business might get a lot of traction from distributing a thought leadership white paper on their blog or LinkedIn, while a more commoditized business might benefit more from placing customer testimonials on Facebook. The key is to work with an experienced marketing partner who can not only develop your content, but show you how to maximize its impact.

Product Launches

Product launches are difficult for most marketers. They require careful advance planning, and great attention to detail. The more moving parts there are, the more it helps to have a marketing partner to help. A good marketing launch plan coupled with world class communications will include not just notification to customers, but also internal launches for sales and support staff, partner and vendor communications, public relations, analyst notifications, trade shows and a variety of other critical steps.

Whether your team needs short term help to pull off a successful launch, or long term assistance for launching as well as end of lifeing, Templeton Interactive can help.

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